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About Us

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Reaching goals is possible when you have the right catalysts to achieve it. An authenticated platform should always be the first priority to choose your way. Building careers across the globe is a million dollar dream for many Indians. And now we take the privilege of introducing our prestigious entity named Sahasra overseas that has been evolved to fulfil the dreams of numerous aspiring people who see their future abroad.


Finding right overseas consultancy is just similar to building a castle upon sand. At this juncture, you can safely rely on Sahasra Overseas as we provide the state of the facilities that make you feel better and offer you with the best solutions to any kind of overseas requirements. Sahasra Overseas acts as a stimulant for people who have dreams across the globe. Let it be any kind of overseas consultancy services, we are with you in providing the outstanding assistance in VISA processing for all kind of purposes.


We take the delight of helping thousands of Indians and other educational institutes to head towards a global competitive edge. Our many countable years of hard work were quiet fruitful. This made us able to build strong connections with the rest of the world. We have strong contacts in order to guide you in many possible ways considering financial aids to fulfil your dreams. In the recent times, international educational industry has become a place for fraudulent crimes. Your decision of choosing Sahasra overseas would sure put into safer place for your international study. We are rated to possess sufficient creditability where our clients can count on us for any kind of overseas solutions. Let your dreams not be shattered due to any kind of obstacles during your course of approach to us. We even provide trustworthy financial advices from the expert group who are proficient enough to guide and help you from any kind of crisis situations. Our crux is to lend exceptional overseas consultancy services and act as a fulcrum between your aspirations and accessibilities.


We help you to procure any type of Visas such as Work Visa, Student Visa, Exchange Visitor Visa, Tourist Visa, Migrant Visa, Business Visa, Transit Visa, Domestic Employee Visa, Media and Journalist Visa, etc. Let it be any kind of purpose, we have every solution tailored especially to meet your overseas necessities. We overture exemplary solutions to the numerous requirements by the educational institutions, universities, colleges, schools, etc and take the privilege of building nation by increasing its openness to connect with the other parts of the world. Rely on us for an ultimate guidance on education overseas and make way for a better academic career. Not only these, if you are looking for other purposes of Visas, step into our system and explore the various avenues that are waiting for you to accomplish.


Let Sahasra Overseas be your only choice to make to see yourself sith flying colours. Connect to us today to know the best platforms to flat-hat any kind of country you wish to. You name the place, we accommodate with abundant solutions and provide with required wants. We wish to bring wings to your dreams and let them fly high above the sky with true spirits. We have proficient team who are professional counsellors in order to assist you at every phase for you to fly high to the desired countries across the seas according to your purposes and preferences. We are customer friendly. Therefore, we input your needs and requirements and give back the best possible outcomes to follow your dreams. In fact we study your profile and render equivalent services that are suitable and are within your reach to achieve. We make you find an ocean of opportunities that are waiting for you to grab among countries of the world. We provide a very warmth interaction with the desired and respective professionals who are like guarding angels to fulfil your dreams abroad.


We give personal guidance which would be best fitting for your profile and make it advantageous to your necessities. Our dedicated and committed team are profoundly bounded and determined in showing the best results in overseas opportunities. We ensure whether your decisions are capable enough to put you under risk-free zones. Why delay? We are here with able assistance for your all types of overseas requirements and we cater the best overseas consultancy services. Nothing can beat out our confidence to transforming the lives of many by guiding and directing them to various countries of the world. Explore your new destinations to arrive and create a new gateway to accomplish your overseas ambitions.